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Why in the world would I slow down if it’s going to HURT?

We are generally very busy. Lots of reasons why. Some we can do something about, some we can’t.

Do some of us NOT SLOW DOWN because in the quiet spaces, we hurt? Thoughts come up that SUCK. They are painful, stressful, frustrating to us.

We have money issues. We have problems with our kids that we might be ignoring. We carry around hurts from past relationships, packed away in a box in the basement (or is it?). Maybe there is a big fat elephant sitting on the marriage nobody wants to talk about it.

Being really BUSY helps to not hear and feel those thoughts. Or we …

Watch too much TV, those countless episodes of Walking Dead
Exercise too much

You turn the TV off, you HEAR (or FEEL) the silence … then a thought comes up.  Maybe the fretting starts, the teeth grinding, the tears?  You go walk the dog and end up crying.

It’s so STINKING uncomfortable, painful and down right UNPLEASANT.

So why do it?

To feel the pain. To heal the heart.
To learn the lesson. To move on. To be refined by the fire.

Strength and courage. We all have it. Either within ourselves or a phone call away. Learning to be just fine even when we aren’t, that’s a big lesson. It’s worth it though.

To learn to FLY
To soar higher

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