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Triathlon Life Balance Training Journal with Plum Paper

Self – Family – Life – Work – Training

Ironman (aka LIFE!!!) Training Journal … because it’s a big darn deal and you need to have your mind right!!!!

PlumPaper.com really has it going on with creating a journal that is just perfect for you. Mainly because you can customize it to help you BALANCE your #trilife

You can add all these different aspects of life:

 Swim / Bike / Run
 Yoga / Strength / Chill
 Eating / Resting
 Daily Gratitude List
 Habit tracker
 Focus areas
 Task List

It’s just freaking awesome. I created a mini video to show you how. Which is just the tip of the ice berg on what you can do!!!

If you want a DISCOUNT code … message below and I can email you and save you $10. Which is about 25%. COMMENT BELOW!!!!

This journal really is very useful … even if you’re not HIM or IM training. I just made one that is more … life balancing and such. The exercise portion was minimal in my 2nd one!



EMAIL ME if you’d like a discount code!  bkissing@cox.net

ORRRR!!! If you’d like to do a free athlete health assessment, lets do that and I’ll email you the code along with all the recommendations.



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