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Time to cut the crap and prioritize my goals and dreams

This summer sure has been a lot. We had a busy race schedule. D had a lot of military commitments to accomplish. The boys decided to shift from homeschooling to brick and mortar school. Some personal issues that are lingering. The experience of the Madison 70.3 drownings. My own race at Ohio 70.3. The experience of the bikers death on course during Ohio. I decided to take on healing abuse and rape from my past head on.

These last couple of months had been a lot. I think I’ve adulted fairly well. Though admitted I did pack on 15 pounds and drank a bit too much there for a bit. Here I am. Coming out of much of that stuff. Stronger. More wise.

I totally want a big fat gold star for holding my own and not stabbing anyone. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

❤️❤️❤️I’m thankful that I signed up for Ironman Texas prior to all of that. ❤️❤️❤️

I like to use a big race to rationalize buying a new 💥Plum Papers journal💥 and working on something big. Big like Ironman. But this time around, big like being a better human being and with less of an injured soul. I’ve come to learn that only YOU can accomplish that. Once you are ready. We bounce from thing to thing, trying to find a comfortable place to learn our lessons. When in reality … we just need to stop. Do it. Work. Know it will be hard. And have faith on the other side things will be ok. So the $$ I dropped down for IMTX and that darn $50 journal has been the key factor in my continuing to move forward in the path I’m on now. I usually bale and go find a different road. Missing the lesson.

Coach John and D were talking the other day. And I was looking at Johns countdown numbers that he updates. DAILY. I started thinking … wow, that’s dedication. And a great tool to help him keep the eye on the prize. #gysd THEN … I was like … HOLY SHIT BK … You have no idea how many days to IMTX. And I started doing math in my head. And I started with a quick summary of my paces at the moment and what I want at Tx. And I walked out of his pain cave with a new resolve.

While adulting is critical. Handling your shit is important. So is prioritizing your goals and dreams.

SQUIRREL MOMENT …. Someone said to me a while back … not your monkeys not your circus, when I was looking for support for my things going on. And that really pissed me off (and I stopped going that way for support) because I didn’t want to abandon my boys to handle life on their own. Or take the avenue of counseling and what not when I know there are things I can do and offer. And I didn’t want to end certain relationships because of things and the non clarity of what’s going on. 🐒🐿🐵🐿🥜

So I need to find the balance of taking care of some of this big stuff on my plate but I also need to make sure that I am prioritizing my goals and dreams.

💥 13:50 Ironman Texas

💥 Happiest kids on the block

💥 Brilliant marriage

💥 Guide Brave Soul and the Wolfpack to the next level

So … in conclusion … let’s wrap this up!!

✅ I need to stop sleeping to much being in a mini potty party. And I need to eat with excellence so I can help the body recover from the copious amounts of stress that has resulted in the need for more sleep.

✅ I need to hold better boundaries with those around me. Hold them to doing what they can for themselves more.

✅ Do that first thing better so my anxiety and general sense of upheaval lessens. So I can communicate more effectively.


✅ HONOR my beings need for self care and prioritize that as well.


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