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The Warrior’s Heart

When we think of Warrior, we think of those really tough people. Dude from Gladiator. Man oh man was he a looker in that movie! Sometimes we … think they are so hard, hard to get to know, maybe too abrasive, to the point … etc. That warrior tho … they aren’t afraid to do the hardest stuff. And personally I think they love and feel the most as well.

I am a Warrior. I always have been. For animals. For those suffering. For … the underdog. For myself. And I’ve had to be.

For the Warrior … It’s just our make up. Who we were made to be to gift the earth. Lightening it up a bit … this make up … the ability to hold the line, do the super tough stuff … leads us to do things that most don’t. Won’t. Like train for an Ironman. We just know … we can feel … that there is so much more … We drive and strive for it. (And when we experience that … we might become junkies!).

Warriors don’t strive for perfection …. but for the personal satisfaction that we did INDEED DO SOMETHING THAT WE THOUGHT WE COULDN’T. OR … something that we knew we ACTUALLY COULD NOT do at the start, a fact, but we were brave and changed into the person that COULD DO IT. We didn’t let a little thing call fear stop us.


Some of us have these very soft spots. Be it just how we are made. Like … if we feel the green on the leaves, really enjoy the bird chirping, want to sing with the wolves and feel the wind, the breathe of the earth, caress our skin. For very sensitive people it’s hard to deal with all the energy we feel from others. I’m beginning to really learn that for the … big awesome parts of being a GOAL DREAM CHASER (and achiever) come the equal side of … the most sensitive and soft element of ur souls. Those Warriors … their hearts are MASSIVE. That’s what gives them the juice needed to GET AT IT until it’s done. Regardless of what we are talking about. Fighting for our kids health, for our marriages, for our personal ….ethics and happiness/contentment. For Ironman. For being the best parent or human being possible.

So … for the Warrior Heart, dealing with all that we feel around us is hard. Especially the negatively, hate and other terrible things that hurt our souls.

I think that most warriors have this more than some. This is what makes us the warriors. Those that stand up for folks. Stand up for what we believe in. Don’t play small. Are super driven. We know that we have a purpose. We strive for that. It’s our deep connection with that that makes us all ultimately strong, that births the warrior. The catch 22. The yin and yang of it all.

Or maybe other things … create these soft spots. Or make them even softer. The world can be a cruel place. Maybe your parents didn’t say “I love you enough”. Maybe there was so much negativity that it felt as if you were drowning. Maybe things happened that really hurt your soul. Those deepest parts of you.

The Warrior will find a way. The soft spots will be protected, as thats what we do. We fight for those that can’t. We protect. (For ourselves as well). We stand up regardless of the cost. We are so driven that we instinctively don’t want the softness to … impede or drive forward.

A lot can be said about how our society deals with these soft spots. Look at rape for instance. It’s just completely terrible that the “victim” role is so solidified by our justice system (or lack of it), how our society portrays … female sexual rights, how we deal with the issue in generally and the “therapies” that result. Do we really help the soft spot to heal or just put a shit ton of bandages on it? So much to say about how our society completely fails in the emotional/spiritual healing arts. It’s no surprise really that children are killing other children in school. (Don’t shoot me … but seriously … we are not addressing personal space violations, bullying, etc well. Look at facebook fav memes and twitter. 😉 )

Back to the point. The Warrior’s Soft Spots

This might be why you see these people that are so hard … angry … shut down. They have found a space where they can breathe and hold the soft spots together. They have not only glued themselves together, but have fortified that soft and quiet place with concrete. And armed with with anger or … or … or …

It’s really hard to … take the bandages off the soft spots and allow more air to them. There is pain involved. It can be breathe taking … to walk forward and have the wounds out in the open.

Our society generally doesn’t deal well with the soft spots. So … it makes it hard to learn the lesson and let go of what we don’t need anymore. Maybe a bit of a scar but you know … if you manage wounds and soft spots well … they can heal well. Be as strong as if not hurt. It just takes … bravery to do the work and support in what ever color that comes to you. I really don’t think we can do that work ourself. However we ADD HEALING / POSITIVE / whatever to the mix to help the soft spot become more cohesive with our whole being. (not something that we continue to always have to protect. something that we can live with like our fav pair of jeans).

Getting to that place can be tough. And it’s a truth that … the soft spots, the healing … some times the ebb and flow of life changes our “status” with things. For those that have lost babies … it can be 20 years down the road and you’ve done the hard work to get to the place where the pain isn’t a roar. It’s a place that you cherish in your soul. But add … one smell, one sight of something that …. adds just a bit of energy to that spot. Brushes it just the right way to trigger …. pain, confusion, unease, fear …. and … we get surprised by that. It’s the advanced lesson to know this and to see it for what it is. Maybe no more work needs to be done. Just let that feeling pass like a cloud in the sky, being directed by the breathe of the earth.

Maybe there is work to be done. Maybe you need to listen and decide … what am I going to do this softness. So maybe things to do. Not all of them really mean anything is wrong. It really is all in how you want to roll the next moment. The next day. The next time that earth breathes on you.



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