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The plant needs water

I have this plant. From this person that at one point in my life was a very bright part of my life. Now…not so much. One of those relationships that sort of crashed and burned. And to be honest about it, still got space in my heart for that person.  With a lot of other stuff too.

It’s interesting how relationships are long. Are short. Are painful. Are joy filled. We get attached to the “feel good” ones. The ones that nurture us in our comfort zones. That give us mainly loving acceptance and don’t push us. Those are just one type of relationship. Equally important. The flip side. The relationships with people that drive us crazy. Countless types of relationships. All equally important. All needed.

Blah blah blah. Life is constant change. We are just learning how to dance with the changes. Hopefully it becomes a graceful dance.

So this plant…I’ve had it for a couple years now. It hasn’t grown much because I haven’t taken care of it. It’s one of those plants that will grow like wildfire if you give it bare minimum. And…

I’M A PLANT PERSON. I hate it when plants die, it hurts my heart to throw a 1/2 dead plant away. Like there is a 1/2 alive animal (or person) in the trash. That’s how I role. Way sappy.

You know…within this plant is potential. Waiting to bloom and expand into something else. Waiting on me to donate some water. It really doesn’t care about all my garbage that I’m carrying around…it just wishes I’d stop withholding water.

So…it’s been hanging in there. Holding on, getting a bit taller despite my silliness.

IMG_3252For all these years, underneath it all, I have made the act of “watering” this plant about the relationship.  My feelings for how it went.  Again blah blah blah.

The act of “watering” this plant doesn’t mean that I was wrong, or that I was right. Or that I’m better or worse. That I’m giving in or up or whatever. Has absolutely nothing to do with that. In yoga we talk about non-attachment. This is what we are talking about. I’m attaching so much to this plant because it just happens that person x gave it to me. Big whoopie now. It’s a pretty plant. All by itself.

The plant is waiting on me. Wanting to grow. Brighten up my room a bit more.


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