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The days when you just don’t want to swim

There was really no way that I was going to get into the water and swim. Admittedly it was because I was pretty irritated with one aspect of my life … being late.

And it’s mostly my fault. I didn’t get up on time. I have arranged my life to have so much on my plate that coupled with the not getting up on time …. and just life. Life has been a bit much lately. So … there was zero way that I was getting into the pool. Mostly because I didn’t want to mess with my nose being messed up for the majority of the time.

It’s a thing with power mostly. We live so much of our lives being told what to do, people influencing how things go … so much of our lives we con’t have a lot of control over. We don’t really like being jerked around and our day constantly pulled sideways. Day in and day out. It really has a way of wearing us down. Then when you see that the consistent effort/activity that you KNOW you need to do isn’t getting accomplished. Sometimes no fault of your own. You feel powerless. Frustrated. Irritated.

Our internal toddler rebels and tries to exert some power over a situation. To try and restore some “balance”. Be it … eat a whole thing of donuts. Stay up and drink a beer and watch TV. Or not swim. (Or all of the above.) hahahaha #nmf

So I didn’t swim. I’m coaching two people to swim. I’m taking a bit of a mental time out. And writing this blog.


So … is it a win? I think so.

Besides, I have the opportunity to swim later today.

And by all means, some days you just need to get your shit done. Get your ass into the pool. For me … if I don’t actually get my swim done tonight … then next time that toddler shows up we will need to rethink things.


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