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Your Rainbow

If you paint with only a couple of colors all the time you miss your rainbow. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Mainly due to all the posts and pictures on facebook that talk about…if this person or that thing doesn’t make you feel good, service you…get rid of it. …

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The plant needs water

I have this plant. From this person that at one point in my life was a very bright part of my life. Now…not so much. One of those relationships that sort of crashed and burned. And to be honest about it, still got space in my heart for that person.  With a lot …

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The Dance We Learn on Our Yoga Mat

There as been a lot of conversation about yoga. In the papers, in books, everywhere. Admittedly, my thoughts have been roaming all over the place. As with the conversations, some positive, some negative. Inspiration and thought provoking.   Unknowing and stagnant. And of course, with so many different people and so many different expressions of …

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Slow Down to Speed Up

I’ll tell you in the beginning, perhaps to give you the motivation to try it. Why it works. When we are super busy, our to-do list gets LONG. And we get in a frenzy and just the mere fact that the list is long and never ending makes us…perhaps a bit constricted. …

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