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Toss another LOG on the fire

Struggle is just another word for growth. I like to think each is another log on the fire. Burn it for fuel. We usually try and avoid struggling.  Or find the quickest route out of it.  And with this we have tiny little fires that don’t keep shit warm. Yoga — …

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The Train Station called Change

It’s interesting how life is mainly change, yet we have get a pretty good habit of avoiding change, being very resistant to change. Change can be scary. The unknown can be scary. It seems that we are being programmed to “plan ahead”, “think ahead”, “have all your ducks in a row”, etc. I …

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Whats on your Dream Board!?!?!

A couple of years ago, my Juice Plus mentor suggested that I make a dream board. And I said…”a what??”. A while later, Dream Board training under my belt, I felt empowered and inspired to attempt to do this “DREAM BOARD” thing. You might ask, so what did this training consist of. This mentor …

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