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Swim Calm and Strong

✅ Understand that it is NORMAL to be anxious. You don’t have gills. Understand SIPE and other hints that things are going sideways and what to do about it. INFORMATION IS POWER.
✅ Learn how to prepare the body for swimming and what NOT to do.
✅ Practice a mantra. “calm and strong” “long and strong” “i am stronger”
✅ Learn to control your breathing, especially the exhale to come down the nervous system.

❤️ Words to think about when starting out this swimming thing ❤️

❤️ Tackling Anxiety, Risk, Practice, Be Prepared ❤️

I wanted to make a post about swimming, tackling anxiety, risk and being prepared. 

1.  Yes. Triathlon is BA. Thrilling. We sign up because we want to prove to yourselves we are freaking amazing.  Or kinda peer pressured and it turns out great. We are stubborn. We feel pressure to find some perfect line. We find personal growth that really spices up life and we want more. 

2.  Swimming is tough. Most of us don’t have gills. A lot of us have anxiety. ARE NOT even close to all out together. And we are working on hard stuff. GRACE. GRIT. 

3.  Open water swimming is risky. We need to know that. Just because there is a book, people can get to the podium without any help, etc … be oh so careful working to work towards those lines. Being stubborn and pushing too much at times is dangerous. In the heat. At the swim. With balancing our lives. NO ONE likes to quit. There is a line where it’s not a quit. IT IS A TIME OUT. That’s smart. Not a failure. 

4.  Having been one of the swim support volunteers at Madison 70.3 … the situation is awful. Was awful.  Things happen. Life happens. Prayers. That morning started out beautiful. Peaceful. Perfect. That swim ended the opposite. We all need to take away that life is short. Love your people. Love life. It can turn on a dime. 

5.  I’m listening to an EXCEPTIONAL book by Brene Brown. One of her saying is from a famous quote. About getting in the arena. You WILL get kicked. You will get punched. To get in the arena. You will get hurt. Risk. But that is true life. 

6.  We need to respect the swim. Work to not be afraid of it. Do the work. Learn to swim Calm and Strong. Not super fast. Just well. Confident. It’s so worth it.



Meghan Dughi: I’m so glad you posted on here so I could find you and THANK YOU!! You are AMAZING!!!!!! I met you on Saturday morning while I was attempting to get a practice swim in. I didn’t get very far… my open water panic reared it’s ugly head and I was out of the water pretty quickly. I was so upset with myself and so discouraged! We were standing around chatting afterwards (i.e I was eavesdropping on the advice you were giving your athletes lol!) and you were kind enough to share some of your wisdom and mantas with me. You were so incredibly encouraging and calm. I took what you said to heart. You got in my head (THANK GOD! Because I needed to get out of my own head) and fast forward to Sunday… I had THE BEST swim of my life. Once I got in that water I just kept repeating your mantras in my head. I stayed positive, calm and didn’t stop once (minus a slight pause when some dude pulled on my leg) I honestly enjoyed every single stroke of that swim and could not believe when I looked up at the second to last orange buoy and realized that I was almost done. It was awesome! It went so quickly. I did it & I didn’t freak out once!! I let out the biggest laugh underwater and in the process took in a big gulp of yucky lake water haha! But I didn’t care, nothing was going to take that feeling of BADASS away!! I can thank you for that! Please don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing! You are an incredible mentor and your athletes are so lucky to have you!! I’m so glad for that chance meeting and your advice!! And yes, I did get a cheeseburger afterward the race 🍔🤣

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