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SUPERPOWER: Get Sh$t Done aka Manifest Your Dreams. `

While it might be daunting to decide to take a radical change in course, say quit your engineering job for running your own Coaching practice, there are concrete elements that you can practice and fine tune before you take that Scary Final All in Leap, aka quit that job and go for it. COMMIT.

Your am Ham, not eggs.

So that fuels the superpower of Manifestation and GETTING SHIT DONE !?!?!

Check out this list:


Do you stand up for truth and honesty. Helping people. Do you value material things. Do you like to create things. Do you like to build things. Do you like to problem solve. Do you like to work with people face to face. Do you want more privacy and alone time. Are you good at lists? Do you suck at lists? Are you super creative but can’t spell worth a lick? Do you have problems with procrastination but can ROCK OUT helping someone in the moment?


Have a general idea of what you want or where you want to end up. General in the sense of … “I want to help people” with the freedom in your mind to allow the Universe, God, Chance, whatever the room to give you magical gifts such as “triathlon coach” or “Juice Plus Distributor” or “Teacher” or “Firefighter” …. know the direction, allow God to do the specifics.


Planner. Dream board. Both.



To the planner. To the system. To the workout plan. To the things you don’t want to do. Do the things you want to do. To doing the hard stuff and the fun stuff. TO THE VALUES THAT STARTED THIS BLOG. And there you come full circle.

Some things about how I rock out my system that I’ve developed over the last 15 years. I work to bring in a number of aspects about myself. I am creative and very Type A. I work to balance out the two with vision balance of colors. I have creative this planner at Plum Papers to help me with balance as well. It helps me to not overload a single day with too many todo items. Which I am notorious at. I like arts and crafts so I find pictures and save them on my phone. Each month I use “FreePrints.com” app on my phone to print out some pictures (old school) and tape those imagines and such that SYNC with WHO I AM into my planner. And tape on to my Mac. Vision ques and reminders that I am a rockstars and have epic shit to manifest. So keep at it. EVEN WHEN I DO NOT FEEL LIKE IT. All of this activity helps me to really

Connect to my planner / manifest to hell out of things system

Balance my life

Only put things in there that I know feed into Manifestation

In doing this activity every Sunday, I feel equipped and PROTECTED for the week to come. Because you know, sometimes life comes at your hard. If you have your planner/system in place, it’s easier to stay the course. You put your tape and scissor action in there, thats part of you loving on your goals and dreams, which turns into magic sauce in staying committed to the activities, when you feel like you just can’t or don’t or wouldn’t or really just want to say FUCK THIS.


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Check Also

If you struggle with swim anxiety

OWS ... if you struggle ... Or anxiety ... depression. If you have this stuff going on ... read this. From my experience, education and training with all of the above.
My thoughts from Madison 70.3. The deaths. From the perspective as a mom, wife, ironman, near drowning survivor, coach and goal/dream chaser.

❤️❤️❤️ I found triathlon / ironman and it was the playground for me to heal my heart and soul. I've done a mass start twice. Now thats a thing of the past and while I understand it ... I'm sad. That was the epic challenge that helped me to change. So ... we don't shrink away from the challenge, but you FREAKING NEED TO DO THE WORK!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

🥰 There is a line were ... you have to stop, rest. HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON. You MUST take responsibility for yourself. Consider the WHOLE picture and everyone involved. #doyourwork #practice #knowthelimits (in swimming, in life, in trauma, in relationships, in the household, in parenting ... same lesson)

One of the things that I help those that I coach find is limits. I do push them sometimes, when it's safe ... so they know the line. Like one of them with asthma. YEP. We push it in the pool. She needs to know the line. Know what to do. Learn. Manage. In this way they are smarter and can make good decisions. They can adjust fire and learn and grow.
I'm not the coach / person that makes everything easy and nice and hand holds all the time. To learn #graceandgrit ... sometimes it has to be tough. Sometimes you have to fend for yourself.

This thing Triathlon / Ironman. IT IS TOUGH. The expectation that you can just go out and do it yourself is short sighted and ... kind of uneducated. You don't know what you don't know. The first season is a huge learning curve. The risks are higher.

So if you struggle with some things ... GET HELP!!!! Practice. Do the work. Be responsible for yourself. Shy away from the victim mode, the just get by thoughts, the self doubt, the mental thoughts that say you aren't fast enough, you suck blah blah blah ... and get to work.

AIM FOR HAVING THE BEST SWIM EXIT PIC EVAH!!! You don't have to be Phelps fast. You need to finish that swim with a SMILE on your face!!!


#graceandgrit #swimcalmandstrong #bravesoul #doyourwork

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