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Iron Kelly – floor walking

traithlete parking onlySometimes things happen for reasons. We don’t always understand them at the time however.

I started my journey to becoming a triathlete in a rather odd way to some.  I started by downloading the couch to 5k app to my phone.  I had no idea at that time what a triathlete really was or distances required or anything.  I started to do the program and asked friends what to do on the “off days” as I was over 300 pounds and wanted the weight GONE asap.  Several suggested biking. So I got a bike and went to work. That’s when someone said if you run and bike… can you swim?  Umm well I did when I was a kid, was my response.  And the answer came back then do a triathlon.  And blindly I went at it with no real idea of what I was now jumping head first into.  I’d like to say it was easy but honestly that would be a lie. There have lots of set backs but I’ve also set higher goals then I ever thought possible. Right now the biggest one is to complete a full Ironman distance race.

Its kept me going through some pretty rough stuff lately.  Most notable is 8 brain surgeries that happened over a span of 104 days.

Nothing like having a hole (well 2 in my case) drilled into your head to add some perspective to life for you.  During those hospital stays- some of which were 3 weeks long I would get up as much as possible and walk the hall way…back and forth. It was to the point the nurses started to comment about what I was doing and why. My answer was I need to keep moving so I don’t loose too much as I train to be an Ironman. I became known among the staff that that was my goal.  My neurosurgeon encouraged it, supported it, reminded me of it when I was feeling really bad and in a bad place emotionally.

What was even more emotional was that there were patients on the neurology unit that were there for what they called “far less than what I had been too” …which I’ll never really understand how one compares what one has endured to another person’s journey.  You know what if you are a patient in the hospital – unless it was an “easy” delivery of a healthy baby… guess what it just sucks!

So anyways, I’m walking and walking and walking and other patients being nice would ask how are you and that… and soon it got around that I was walking to train for my Ironman. I’d have trouble sleeping at night and be there walking. After the last surgery I had a walker and yes still at it… and still saying “one day I’m going to be an Ironman”.

Soon I noticed other patients would start walking more and more with me.  I soon had a group and we regularly walked the floor together.

It was a great group. We’d chat and a few times people would ask us what we were doing. And the reply was “this is Kelly, she’s training for an Ironman. We are helping her and pacing her.”


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Food prep for the busy triathlete

No one is going to argue that eating well is super important. Now what to eat ... thats a different blog for a different time. 😎🥳

We aren't going to argue that food is fuel. And a lot of us understand that food is so much more than fuel. And one of the biggest things that we ARE NOT is CONSISTENT. So enter the habit of food prepping.

  • Carbs, proteins and fats provide the energy to burn
  • Micronutrients like vitamin c and magnesium support a plethora (PLETHORA) of processes that go on in the body. Like magnesium so you don't cramp and have restless legs at night.
  • Phyto-chemicals or plant substrates do a ton of stuff like protect your DNA, protect against cancer, decrease the risk of heart disease and on and on.
  • Zoo-chemicals or animal provided substrates reduce inflammation and blood clotting, suppress cancer cell development and inhibit complications from diabetes to hit some big ones.
  • You also get some organic molecules form your food that help, such as bacteria that helps your body to produce B12.

So in order for the triathlete to achieve the following, we need to do our best to eat right. In my experience and training, the majority (75 to 90% of women triathletes aren't eating enough calories, a different blog for a different time, and certainly not getting all the "stuff" from food that they need.

  • Fuel your body for activity
  • Provide the basic building blocks, like sodium, in order to support the activity AND do vital jobs like keep your brain cool so you don't melt your brain and die (thats how the body thinks of it).
  • Provide the building blocks like amino acids to aide in recovery and repair. Why do a hard work out if in 10 days you aren't going to see the results because you didn't eat good enough to give the body what it needs?
  • Support all the hormonal functions like sleeping well, regulating metabolism, keeping that sex drive UP, supporting bone health and the list goes on and on and on ...
  • Keeping you from getting sick. Let's be real ... who wants to get sick when the training gets really real? How does it feel to miss that LONG brick?
  • Keeps your brain happy
  • Which keeps the house happy
  • Insert beautiful orchestra chord.

So here are some simple ideas on how to look at food prep. WHICH STARTS AT THE STORE!

Admittedly, this one is for those that are ok with the Zoo-chemicals.

  • Hard Boiled Eggs: Cook a dozen or more and have sitting in your frig. Adding sirachi mayo or something to spice it up is a wonderful snack. And salt. ADD THE SALT.
  • NUTS: Brazil nuts for the guys which provides selenium for better testosterone levels. Ladies too. You need this. Salted almonds. Cashews. Nut butters.
  • AVOCADOS: Great source of fat and protein. Be mindful that there are some carbs in them. OH THE SALT!!! ;)
  • Cook up hamburger patties and store in the frig. Like 10 of them. Then you can add a bit of a dressing or tear up into a quick salad or mix with some sautéed veggies that you prepped.
  • Sautéed Veggies: chop up some veggies, add the garlic and onions (stupid good for female health and heart health). Add to meals when you are rolling through your day.
  • Breakfast burritos: Cook up veggies, scrambled eggs (like 12 of them), and make a whole pan of yumminess. Then package in a torilla wrap. You can add flaxseed and other goodness to kick it up a notch.
  • Cook beets like eggs and have them in the frig to eat ala cart or add to your smoothies.
  • Breakfast: handful of nuts, a bit of oatmeal, a bit of berries and add extras. Put in food prep containers and BOOM! Add hot water to eat. On the GO GO GO nutrition.
  • Purchase clean family serving dishes of meat. BOOM!
  • Get containers to put in breakfast, salads, dinner, etc.

There are so many things that you can do if you practice and get into the habit of prep prep. Plus if you are just a bit more mindful, you can involve your kids and teach them vital and precious skills for cooking and the LOVE for good food. TO LOVE THEIR BODIES. To nurture themselves. This is one of the biggest things we need to be role modeling to our little people. You can get your spouses involved. If you are a lady ironman in training, this is one great way of involving that husband that might get to feeling left out. I'm not saying give him the task of meal food prepping and all that, just a little bit of involvement will go a long way to not leaving him on the side of the street.

CONSISTENCY!!!! Being consistent and having the attitude that we need to take care of our bodies, not keep pushing pushing pushing, we will get way better results and in general be more content and happy. And everyone around you will benefit. :)

Plus this is more time efficient so you will rock out mid and later in the week when training and life has got you pressed. You can throw together a wonderful meal and then someone will probably rub your feet because your a super mom or dad or whatever. :) <3

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