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How many times have you EVACUATED today?

Ok, nice question…I know. But what if you were wanting to involve your health or simply how you feel on a day to day basis. You could focus on this question and do simple things to change it, and feel like a NEW PERSON. And maybe lose weight and this and that along the way…

IT’S SOOOOO IMPORTANT. And we don’t talk about it. So…I wanted to share a small bit of audio with you that will have you laughing and maybe at the same time, inspire you to ask yourself honestly…do I need to make a change. And if so, inspire you to make a change, or encourage you to find help in making a change. Just a side note, because it has to be said, one of the biggest side affects of eating more fruits and veggies experienced by most is that you EVACUATE more regularly. Check out the nutrition page if you need help.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! So check out the short audio, listen through if you would…Dr Watson Bowel health


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Biking Faster: VO2 Max


Author: Coach John Hill

✅ Today we are going to focus on aerobic capacity, or what most of us know as the holy grail of VO2 Max. Most of us chase this one with a passion but do we really know what it Is and how to measure it
✅The faster you peddle, the harder you breathe. Also, the longer you peddle, the harder you breathe. And if you sustain a fast cadence long enough, you will eventually find yourself breathing as hard as you can. Exercise scientists have a special term for breathing as hard as you can: VO2max. Research has shown that VO2max accounts for roughly 70 percent of the variation in race performances among individual athletes. Thus, if you are able to ride 5K one minute faster than I can, it is likely that your VO2max is higher than mine by an amount that is sufficient to account for 42 seconds of that minute.
✅The best way to increase VO2 max is interval training with an all out effort for approximately 6 minutes. One could do a VO2 max workout that would Include a 10 minute warm up, Immediately followed by a 6 minute time trial then followed by a 10 minute cool down. In doing this type of quick sets the VO2max slowly but surely increased and the ability of blood to carry oxygen to the muscles.



  • warm up with easy peddling ~100 watts
  • every 2 minutes increase the workload ~36~50 watts
  • at the lower limit of your HR target take a short break
  • peddle easy for 3-5 minutes


  • 2 minutes @ VO2 max intensity
  • 8 minutes @ threshold intensity
  • 10 minutes of easy peddling
  • 2 minutes @ VO2 max Intensity
  • 8 minutes @ threshold intensity
  • 10 minutes of cool down

Remember to refuel immediately after the second VO2 max session, give yourself the best opportunity to recover quickly so you real the benefits of your effort.

MORE HELP WITH GETTING FASTER!?!?!?!www.bonniekissinger.com/bikefasterin5

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