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Conversations of two Ironman Idiots training for another long a$$ race

So this all started out with us finishing Ironman Wisconsin 9/11/16. And having signed up for a 50K/50miler a month later. (Inner voice of reason: who the f does that?)

One of us is more of an idiot than the other. “How do you say this”, she asks. There IS a substantial difference between 50k and 50 miles. Just saying.

Raven, idiot #1, is the coach too.

Jade, idiot #2, she’s stubborn. And going out of town for a work conference. Where Millers Meadow is, decent technical single track.

So. On the way to the trails to get some running in ….

Jade: I’m gonna take the mountain bike to Millers Meadow tomorrow and try out the single track.

Raven: yeah. Good luck with that. You really need to be careful. You’re two weeks out from your 50 miler.

Jade: ah. I’ll be alright.

Raven: Whatever. Don’t call me when you’ve broken your arm or face. You really need to keep your hands and feet in the vehicle! Keep your eyes on the open space.

I’ll be fine.

Uh hu.

Jade: Look. I was trying to be good. Thought that would be better than going out with my friends and getting shitfaced.

Raven: At this point, I think it would be be smarter to get shitfaced with your friends than try out the single track for the first time. Whatever.

At running trails.

Raven: Lets just go get those southwest egg rolls.

Jade: Wouldn’t take much.

Raven: Ok. Let’s go.

Hahahaha. Three loops in. Done. Clothes changed in the park parking lot. When did I become the person that’s ok being mostly naked in public. That triathlon thing has broken me.

Egg roll bound. End of the story ….

featuredImage.jpgRaven, idiot #1, flings southwest sauce shoveling a stolen fry in her mouth. She looks down, sees the glob of sauce on her BRAND NEW iPhone 7 and breathes a sigh of relief that it didn’t drop on the IMMoo jacket.



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