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Even adults need binkies

Meet Ganesh. My buddie that I’ve had for many years. I bought him for my birthday during my beginning years of yoga teacher training. It was a big turning point in my soul healing. Ganesh, for those that know yoga, means remover of obstacles. :) I got a lot of them so I thought at the time that I could use all the help that I could find. Plus the blue eyes I fell in love with. And his soft looking face.

He’s gone with m to all trips, races and what not. Been with me through a ton of good things and ugly things. I’ve almost melted down when I’ve realized I’ve left him somewhere. I’ve done a lot of extra driving to make sure he is by my side.

Why ... because he is an anchor for some qualities in life that I am working to cultivate. To have stronger in my life. And I believe in magic, miracles and pixie dust. Ganesh holds that idea for me when life gets tough.

Binkie. Security blanket. Totem. Prayer beads. Pet rock.

Overeating, sexting, drinking, mind numbing amounts of netflix.

Over exercising. Working too much. Yelling and blowing up.

It’s totally ok for babies and young people to have stuff animals, security blankets and the like. As adults/parents we know that one things the little people need to learn is how to soothe themselves, deal with emotions and learn how to be ok. Even when life is more fun.

We give the new babies a binkie. Some of us are partly given them binkies as a replacement for nurturing and being a parent. Tho a baby using a binkie to learn to self sooth is ok. When done mindfully. It’s a good point to drive home that it’s not unfrequent for parents to substitute parenting and nurturing for binkies, bouncing chairs and what not.

Our habit of inappropriately dealing with life starts very early.

We then give our children all these kinds of toys. Stuff animals and what not to ... help them. Let’s just say that parent x is doing everything just fine and the special stuff animal that they purchase for their kid is just a lovely add to their life. It’s ok and needed for the child to bond with this stuff animal. To them it. Take care of it and what not. There are many life lessons that are learned, practiced. And it’ socially acceptable.

At what age does it become unacceptable to not have binkies and security blankets.

We give up the magic of stuff animals for tough love, logic and “growing up”. We learn to be more hard and shut off, then remain soft and talk to stuff animals that aren’t actually alive.

They are now selling weighted blankets.

Perhaps we are doing ourselves wrong with expecting to be able to deal with life without providing ourselves “comfort”. I mean, we do provide ourselves with “comfort” but it’s usually in the form of the lists above. Things that aren’t inline with super healthy.

Perhaps we need to get back to soothing ourselves in a soft way. Don’t be worried about what other people think. Have stuffed animals that we take everywhere with us. Stuffed animals that we keep in our meditation spaces or our quiet and private areas.

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How protein helps with weight loss

Eating protein helps with losing fat, for a few reasons.

1. When you eat more protein, you tend to feel fuller longer.

Protein stimulates the release of satiety (stop-eating) hormones in the gut. So when you eat protein, you naturally tend to eat less, without feeling hungry.

(You can test this theory if you want. Go and try to eat an entire plain skinless chicken, or a few pounds of lean fish.)

2. Protein makes your body work to digest it.

Not all nutrients take the same energy to digest. Fat and carbohydrates are pretty easy for your body to digest and absorb, but protein takes more energy to digest and absorb.

If you eat 100 calories of protein, you’ll only use about 70 calories of it. (This thermic, or heat-producing, effect of protein is why you sometimes get the “meat sweats” after a big protein-heavy meal.)

3. Protein also helps you hang on to lean mass while you’re losing fat.

When you’re in a significant energy deficit (i.e. eating less than you burn), your body tries to throw out everything — fat, muscle, bone, hormones, etc. — all the stuff you need. It doesn’t tend to throw out just fat and keep muscle… unless you eat lots of protein.

Let’s take a deeper look: Protein, lean mass, and energy restriction

A recent study at McMaster University in Canada explored what would happen if people who were on a very low-calorie diet (about 40 percent less than normal energy needs), ate a lot of protein, and worked out hard.

For 4 weeks, a group of young men in their 20s were basically starved, but on a high-protein diet — about 2.4 g/kg.

So, for instance, a 200 lb (91 kg), relatively active young man whose energy needs would normally be 3000 calories per day might get:

  • 1800 calories per day (40 percent less than normal)
  • 218 grams of protein per day (2.4 x 91 kg)

This means that out of those 1800 calories per day, about 48 percent of them were from protein.

The men trained hard — lifting weights and doing high-intensity intervals 6 days a week.

After 4 weeks, on average:

  • The men gained about 1.2 kg (2.6 lb) of lean body mass (LBM).
  • They lost about 4.8 kg (10.5 lb) of fat.

The fact that they lost fat isn’t surprising, though that amount of fat loss in 4 weeks is pretty impressive.

What is surprising is that they gained LBM.

There was a control group, who ate more of a normal-protein, low-energy diet — about 1.2 grams of protein per kg (so, for our 200 lb / 91 kg man, that would be around 109 grams per day). This group, on average:

  • Gained 0.1 kg (0.2 lb) of LBM
  • Lost 3.5 kg (7.7 lb) of fat

This study was only 4 weeks long, and on a specific population group under close supervision, but it’s a cool experiment that suggests protein might be able to do some nifty things even under difficult and demanding conditions.

It’s particularly useful because it’s a randomized controlled trial. In other words, it’s not a food questionnaire where you try to remember what you ate last year — it’s a direct comparison of two similar groups whose food parameters are being closely monitored.

We don’t recommend a highly restrictive, high-protein diet combined with a Spartan-style workout plan as a long-term strategy, but if you want to try something crazy for 4 weeks, see if you can replicate these results!

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Grey Earl Tea for The Win

This tea is amazing with its health benefits. According to research, drinking 2 to 4 cups of Earl Grey tea every day will help you lose weight and improve your health in many ways. However, you need to keep in mind that if you are trying to lose weight, the tea should be taken without milk or sugar. Adding them will only defeat the purpose of burning calories. Since citrus is what helps boost metabolism and calorie-burning, add a dash of fresh lemon juice instead.

  • It protects you against strokes, heart disease, etc.
  • It also prevents different types of cancers including lung, esophageal, pancreatic, colorectal, bladder and mouth cancers.
  • Research has shown that it can help in increasing HDL cholesterol and blocks LDLs.
  • It unclogs the passageways in their arteries, thus improving their function.
  • It promotes oral health by preventing cavities and alleviating the growth of bacteria that produce acids that cause damage to tooth enamel.
  • It boosts energy levels naturally without as much caffeine you get from coffee.
  • It aids in digestion and keeps nausea, colic and other symptoms of indigestion away.
  • It helps in regulating sugar levels in the blood.
  • The bergamot in Earl Grey tea is said to help in curing fever and improving the immune system.
  • It has antidepressant and antioxidant properties that are beneficial for the body and mind.

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I can’t find any of my ducks

I have a lot on my plate. Who doesn't? At the beginning of this year I threw down some big personally goals, most of those dealing with more emotional intelligence sprinkled with a ton of soul healing sprinkles. So I'm trying to get my ducks in a row enough to minimize the cray cray that my people around need need to deal with and helpfully for me to be able to have enough clear discernment to do this reasonable well. Not too much to ask right!?!?! Well ... I have some pretty decent sized soft spots that I'm wanting/asking/need to work on. Blah blah blah. You know the places in the soul that go with childhood trauma and drama, relationships that turned out to be like crashing airplanes and ... blah blah blah. So I'm focusing on rounding up and herding these ducks.

I'm a good enough duck.

I'm a safe duck.

I can do EPCI SHIT duck.

Not all the ducks in my space are MY DUCKS and I don't need to let them jerk my ducks around.

This duck herding business tho, it's been pretty intense because what I'm finding out is that ... I'm needing to learn how to deal with other peoples ducks. Like some people just let their darn ducks get into my pasture and mislead, confused and another wise brain wash my my ducks. And off they go. Or ... I have these ducks in my pasture that aren't my ducks and I adopt them. Like I have time and energy for that. It just gets so confusing. Historically I have talking/vented/blah blah blah with my person on this stuff. And while that is good. I would like to develop a better habit of dealing with the duck cluster thing. Who's ducks are whose. And which duck do I need to herd first. Meditation. Yep. I haven't been doing enough and I need to but honestly ... I need something a little more concrete and tangible right now. So Becky and I were chatting, I need to write the ducks down. And this is the ONE time that auto correct gets it right. From fuck to duck. Prefect! Hahahahaha.


So in my journal where I keep all things that I want to manifest the heck out of, aka the super women journal that enables me to do EPIC SHIT ... I'm going to work on a section labeled "Ducks". I am already in love with the idea, as me and my 5 other personalities can write stuff down, work through it and everyone can contribute words to help work through things. AND I can practice ...




... In dealing with the duck that has gotten itself too far away from the herd. Or whatever a group of ducks is. I really love this idea as I struggle with not dealing with something, that makes me feel bad, not let a problem go. Like I'm not standing up for my feelings, values and what not. But also I like this idea because I LOVE LOVE LOVE when i manage to let magic come into the picture and take care of STUFF for me. BOOM. And this magic journal that I have. This is the place for it to happen.

🌸Personal growth. Being brave. Honest. Persistency moving forward. Adapting. 💫

🔥🔥🔥Adjusting Fire🔥🔥🔥

❤️Hopefully with less road rash for myself and those special people around me that matter most.❤️

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5 Ways to Encourage Better Eating Habits

We need to make an intentional effort to slow down and eat with intention and mindfulness. This will really make a big positive impact on your gut health and overall health. FOR INSTANCE: If you eat a bit slower, your hormones that tell you you are no longer hungry have time to tell you you're no longer hungry if you eat slower. ;) hehehe. So ... I usually eat 1/2 my meal first. And admittedly it's usually fair quick, but I'm usually pretty hungry. But ... then I set down my fork, I look at the people I'm eating with, chat with them and experience the other joys of social stuff. Thats good for you too by the way. Then I look at my food and decide if I want to eat more. Or if I do and I know I don't need to ...I ask myself why, and ... is it the best thing. If I really want to because it's a food that I really like or socially it's the thing to do .... like nachos, I LOVE LOVE LOVE nachos.... then I will mindfully splurge. Out of joy. And I will NOT have that voice that says ... so now you need to run extra tomorrow. I'm ok with being a bit fluffy. For nachos. Now ... not so much for the mindless eating of chocolate that I do. Usually in secret. Or at night. Just last night, Derek asked me what I was munching on. AT 3:30 AM PEOPLE!!! I said "oh not much" and he said "chocolate". ... he said, hey, I don't care but you are the one complaining about being fat. Not me. Anyway. We can make a lot of changes to our gut health and overall health if we learn to do things differently when we are eating, take the stress level down a couple notches. It is very important HOW you eat. Here are some suggestions. OMG BRING YOUR BODIES INTO REST and DIGEST

  1. Leave any problems behind. Don't talk about work at the table. Practice hitting pause during stressful thoughts during dinner time. Create some rituals around eating. We pray before we eat. Setting the table can be enough to slow you down and bring the body into a calm state. Eating needs to be a time for nourishment. Not doing a bunch of things and get it done asap. This impacts your gut motility, digestive enzymes, etc. Savoring how the food tastes. Make the best nacho bite each time. Pay attention to your breathing. Talk about fun things, happy things. The main thought is that you are focused on the present
  2. Create body awareness. Eating is a physical activity. However our minds wonder off. So then we don't hear the body's cues. Savor each bite. Build the best nacho bite with each bit. Share your food with your people. Pay attention to your breathing. Focus on a calming word or imagine. Focus on the PRESENT MOMENT. This helps the body to understand that nothing is threatening at that particular moment.
  3. Express Gratitude. You can pray. Or say what you are grateful for the day. Or share what was the best part of their day. This helps to bring positivity into the. moment. To be present. And to share things that help the body to come into a relaxed and safe feeling space.
  4. Eat without distraction. Work and technology free zone. No phones. TVs. Etc. This really helps the body to be present in the moment. And your mind. Share time with your people. This is so important and can really help the overall dealings with stress. Plus this helps us to be present with other people around. Which ends up being less stressful for them. They are more happy that you are listening to them. Talk. Converse.
  5. Dine in pleasant surroundings. Clearing the table. Music. Candle. Dine outside. Build a fire. You don't' have to be on a date to set the "mood". Dine with other people, friends and family, to help with bringing the body into a very relaxed and happy state.
The GI tract works the best when the mind and body are calm and in a relaxed state. This allows blood flow to go to the digestive tract. And for other processes to start, like the salivary function. Smelling that awesome food. :). When the nervous system is in the relaxed state it can focus on digestive functions. So even if you are in the car, thinking of cramming food into your mouth, you can stop for a minute and breath deeply for a bit. You can work to relax for just a moment.

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Geeky Inflammation Info: SPMs

Inflammation is an underlying cause of chronic disease, we now also know that if left unaddressed, inflammation cannot resolve itself and progression of chronic disease may in fact be accelerated. Recent studies have revealed when patients are deficient in their ability to resolve inflammation, there is a progression in chronic disease states – this deficiency has been described in an increasing number of chronic disease states including obesity or metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, mild cognitive impairment, compromised digestive function (e.g., IBS, IBD, SIBO etc.), certain autoimmune conditions, Lyme disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, arthritis (rheumatoid and osteoarthritic), and a variety of other chronic conditions often complicated by chronic pain.  Read more at Metagenics Institute

FACT: Inflammation is an immune response to insults such as injuries (e.g., cuts and wounds), infections (e.g., bacterial, viral or fungal), or unhealthy dietary patterns. Although an inflammatory response is an essential, protective response, it can give rise to chronic inflammation if left unresolved.

FACT: The Body makes SPMs during the inflammation process: During the resolution phase of an inflammatory response, SPMs are biosynthesized (through multiple steps of enzymatic reactions) from long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and especially omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.2,3 SPMs themselves are structurally different from omega-3 fatty acids.

FACT: SPMs do not inhibit the initiation phase of inflammation. Rather, SPMs help facilitate the clearance of inflammatory components and thus resolve the inflammatory response.

SPMs limit the immune response.

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Stop Telling People to Calm Down

😥 It makes them more upset. 👎🏻 It tells them you think they are at fault, something is wrong with them. ✍️It tells them that you have judged their feelings and it's bad. 💂‍♂️💂‍♂️💂‍♂️It tells them that you are not there or available to help them deal with their feelings.

As someone that has/does struggle with anxiety and depression, at one point at a fairly serious level ... telling someone to calm down is ... a little bossy and unkind. Maybe even selfish. Struggling with feelings like that is very difficult and feels horrible. I think that when we tell folks to calm down it’s more of an out for us to not have to dig a bit deeper and help that person ... meaning you have to get your hands a bit dirty. You have to experience some of what they are feeling. Get a little uncomfortable. Be ok with not having a solution for them and just share space and time with them. I know for me ... if one of my trusted people just listens to me, doesn’t judge me and stands in my space and helps me “stand” ... I call down much faster. And if I’m really upset physical tough by my most trusted, the warmth and weight, helps my body physically calm down. Mentally ... no. At that point the body is RAMPED up and needs a body solution to come back down. Don’t be afraid to not judge yourself. To accept who you are. To love that part too. Everyone has these feelings. Some of us ... due to this or that ... have a system that works a little different. Don’t let people judge you for these harder to deal with emotions. It says more about them than you. Yes you need to keep your shit together. But you don’t do it alone. And you aren’t broken. #bravesoulcoaching #dolovebelove

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Stress and Your Gut Health

The Anatomy of Stress

Psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl, once said, “Between stimulus and thought, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response.”

It has been shown that stress creates more wear and tear on the body when
associated with negative thoughts, or if we don’t think we’re coping well with it.
Reframing your stress can build your mental and physical resilience to the
challenges in your life.


1. Stress results in less secretion of digestive enzymes, causing the pH of the stomach to not be as low as what is optimal for good digestion.

2. Stress causes oxygen and blood are diverted from digestion to the brain and muscles/etc instead.

3. Allostatic load: the wear and tear on the body due to the physiological responses that accumulate with chronic stress.

What is STRESS??? Stress is any type of physical, mental, or emotional factor that causes tension in the body. This tension causes chemical, physical or behavioral changes. Stress, or the fight or flight response, is an evolutionary mechanism for survival of the species. It is innate to us, usually on autopilot, and very much needed. However, our lifestyle and society, has caused this system to get overworked and undertaken care of.

  • WORK stress, meetings, unhappiness on the job, constant deadlines, conflict
  • Exercise is stress. Endurance training is a lot of physical stress.
  • Heat and dealing with heat is stress.
  • Mental Stress: relationship, trauma, responsibilities, conflict
  • Physical stress: Intense workouts, childbirth, illness, injury, lack of sleep, food intolerances, toxins, pollutants
  • Stress can be "real" or "perceived"
  • Stress is meant to be a short term solution to take care of an immediate need
  • Acute stress: short term stress. Normal. Perhaps what you feel right before a race. It gets you "READY". Causes the body to preform on an elevated and focused level. Enhance performance by helping you to "keep your eye on the prize".
  • Chronic stress: long term stress. Not normal or beneficial. Like caring for a dying parent.

Sympathetic Nervous System: Gas of the car

  • "fight or flight"
  • slows the movement of food, prepares for action
  • kick into gear, more energy

Parasympathetic Nervous System: Brakes of the car

  • "rest and digest"
  • controls digestion, sexual arousal, salivation, urination, and defecation
  • conserves energy for survival activities

Hypothalamus gland in the brain tells the pituitary to turn on certain hormones in the adrenal glands, such as cortisol. This activates the sympathetic nervous system. This increases your heart rate, increases the blood flow to muscles and the brain and affects your blood sugar. Blood sugar rises to provide fuel, providing glucose to be super available in the blood stream, via the liver breaking down sugar instead of sending bile to the gall bladder. Norepinephrine is also released. This hormone works to increase blood pressure, along with epinephrine. The adrenal glands make adrenaline. The body then prioritizes whats going on in the body. Smooth muscles contract, including the intestines. Blood is diverted from the blood vessels the the muscles and the brain. So you are able to have mental sharpness and do a quick escape. Not getting eaten by the tiger. Blood and digestive enzymes will decrease, as they aren't a priority at the moment.

After the initial "surge" from stress, if the stressor is still present the body then activates the HPA axis. Hypothalamus, Pituitary Adrenal axis. This hormonal system works to keep the body in a state to be able to continue to deal with the stressor by release other hormones, CRH, ACTH and cortisol.

These hormones, over time will ...

  • Increased belly fat: Cortisol. Visceral ab fat. Dangerous fat. Cytokyes, causes inflammation. Heart disease, vascular disease, depression, dementia and poor blood sugar management, low muscle tone, increased appetite.
  • Food intolerances/food allergies: Chemicals during stress the body releases chemicals such as Histamines which will intensify allergies.
  • Leaky gut: Mucosal barrier takes a hit during stress. Inflammation breaks down the barrier. Then a lot bunch of bad things happens. Absorption issues, blood flow is diverted away intestines . Allergies. Hormonal imbalances.
  • Elevated blood sugar: Cortisol prevents insulin, which puts glucose into cells. Too much sugar in the blood. Insulin resistance. Plus the sugar molecule is large. And hurts the endothelial lining.
  • Increased inflammation: anxiety, depression. This becomes a run away train.
  • An altered microbiome: Affects diversity of health bacteria. Diversity is part of health and wellness.
  • Increased risk for GERD, acid reflux, indigestion, and ulcers: Protective lipids affected, which protects the precious mucosal gut lining
  • Aggravated IBS symptoms: More sensitive to pain. In the gut.
  • Increased risk for SIBO: Movement affected out. So bad bacteria isn't "swept out".
  • Lowered immunity: Cortisol suppresses the immune function.

Also. New stress points are "recollaborated" or set. So ... you've gotten use to being under chronic stress. So more hormones are needed to get that sharp response that is needed at times. This can lead to times when you notice you don't "respond" quickly to things that you know you should. Like ... an issue in traffic or when your kid runs out in traffic and you are "stuck in place".


  • Event: My top employee quit.
  • Stress Story: I may lose my job. He never liked me anyway. My numbers are going to go down, and it will take forever to find someone new. Emotion/Response: Fear New
  • New Stress Story: I’ll find another employee – one who’s a good fit and happy to fill the current role. Emotion/Response: Hopeful

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EPIC 2018: Drawing closer to the next version of myself

As I sit typing to you at Greenwich and 111th street on a box, returning to a place of sorrow filled discovery, I want to share my heart. To give the feelings (energy) back to the universe. To fully feel both sides of this day. Thanksgiving. The beautiful scenes and moments as well as the equally heart grasping sad moments. Yin and yang. Light and dark. Positive and negative. (Hopefully to see and experience them more objectively, as this seems to be karma’s lesson for me this year). Being brave enough to really feel the feelings, communicate them ... to release them like butterflies back to the beautiful earth. I have so many thoughts that I want to express. Feelings to let flow from my heart, through my fingers to the universe (aka blog, book, your heart) with the earnest intention of letting go of what I don’t need anymore, healing soft parts and maybe (hopefully) inspiring others to do the same. I look at the world and my heart is so saddened with the disregard, blindness, hardness, anger, hate. Love will heal all. This I have always believed. This I have faith in. Unwavering faith. And with this next challenge I have committed to (epic freaking comeback of 2018, being the best human being I can and hopefully rock out another ironman) I am working to bring more of all my being to that faith. To live more in that. The truth that all that is needed is LOVE. Less in pain, hurt and anger. Quick shift in gears. (T1) I want to blog about my experience of the medical mission trip to Ecuador and the following adventures. The experience was so intense and I came back a different person. So different that I kind of don’t know myself anymore, yet at the same time I feel as if I’m more “me” than I have ever been. I’m pretty excited to see how I evolve ... more on that adventure. A good friend asked me during the mission trip what I was learning (like big life lesson). I thought for a couple days and landed on being more .... open and honest, clear eyes and full heart, to the equal and opposite side of things. The JOY and the PAIN, as if they weren’t “good” or “bad” but more just opposite ends of this beautiful rainbow that I’m experiencing. As I ask for MORE EPIC adventures/results/goals/victories, I need to toughen up a bit or something to experience the other side of it without ... my habitual “OMG” reactions. So much more on this ... but maybe you get the idea. (T2) LIGHT: This morning running with my friends at the Say Grace 5K. I love racing with my friends. As I’m a HUGE SOCIAL BUTTERFLY! For a person that use to (still has) person space issues (thanks Coach for helping me work on this by sitting on me with your sweaty body ;) ) I love love love hugging my peeps and planting kisses on their cheeks. More hugs and kisses I say! :) DARK: Experiencing the complete suckage of the state of my running. These heart rhythm struggles have really brought me to my knees. Who likes to get past (in the dust really) by all their friends. And past by the lady that says ... “oh, you’ll be waiting on me because I’m super slow”. Humbling. (I will definitely call bs with any dogging of the back of the packers. Or bullying on fb in this realm. Nope.) Honestly this new lesson for me, experiencing both ends equally is making me feel like I’m bipolar. For reals. The joy of running with friends, racing, getting cool bling, finish line crosses and then hiding behind a tree for a bit because the race was crap-freaking-fantastic and makes you doubt with every foot fall any success at ironman. Hiding behind the tear to let the tears fall. #cleareyesfullheart The ponying up. Not texting your coach to tell you to ignore the thoughts of doubt because .... it’s so early and what are you going to do quit? Maybe it’s progress to not text him, yet to hear his voice in your heart ... “get your mind right Kissinger”. Get on the pony and go biking. LIGHT: Going on a beautiful (seriously beautiful) bike ride. With good friends. The weather is gorgeous and we just ignore the stupid slow legs and enjoy yourself. Take a couple good selfies. ;). After all, isn’t THIS what Thanksgiving is about ... being thankful for the tiny moments that you have. That you have breath to breathe. Sun to see by. Wind to try the sweat and tears. DARK: Experiencing the beautiful land with so much awareness that you spy and full experience the state of the human condition. A bag full of dead animals. Are they kittens, puppies or dead ducks. Does it matter? What do you do with that feeling ... that some human beings are terrible. That as a species, we are destroying this very beautiful place. Maybe that’s why we focus on Black Friday sales, buying stuff we don’t need or can’t afford, to stick our head in the sand about how horrible of a species we actually are. So vivid in my mind and heart is swimming with sea turtles and experience life in a POOR country yet feeling so much more ... at peace there as they CLEARLY volume life more than we do. My heart aches for the life that is now in this box. Discarded like trash. No value. Maybe there is the soft spot. Having been always left in one manner or another. So ... typing this on a box filled with useless loss, a bag full of dead ducks, I feel this experience fully. And am extremely grateful. That I am becoming wiser. Less harden. Stronger and more at ease. I will figure out how to gracefully and with love return these creatures to the earth and with them, let go a bit of my abandoned “soft spot”. Very grateful for a texted question from mostly a complete stranger .... “what got you off course.” The honest answer ... “being hurt and losing a bit of faith in the universe.” I am returning to that place of peace. FAITH. A place of security, however not devoid of pain and joy. As both are needed to change the soul.

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SUPERPOWER: Get Sh$t Done aka Manifest Your Dreams. `

While it might be daunting to decide to take a radical change in course, say quit your engineering job for running your own Coaching practice, there are concrete elements that you can practice and fine tune before you take that Scary Final All in Leap, aka quit that job and go for it. COMMIT. Your am Ham, not eggs. So that fuels the superpower of Manifestation and GETTING SHIT DONE !?!?! Check out this list: KNOW WHO YOU ARE Do you stand up for truth and honesty. Helping people. Do you value material things. Do you like to create things. Do you like to build things. Do you like to problem solve. Do you like to work with people face to face. Do you want more privacy and alone time. Are you good at lists? Do you suck at lists? Are you super creative but can't spell worth a lick? Do you have problems with procrastination but can ROCK OUT helping someone in the moment? GENERAL DIRECTION Have a general idea of what you want or where you want to end up. General in the sense of ... "I want to help people" with the freedom in your mind to allow the Universe, God, Chance, whatever the room to give you magical gifts such as "triathlon coach" or "Juice Plus Distributor" or "Teacher" or "Firefighter" .... know the direction, allow God to do the specifics. HAVE A SYTEM TO KEEP YOU FOCUSED Planner. Dream board. Both. DAILY METHOD OF OPERATION FIDELITY To the planner. To the system. To the workout plan. To the things you don't want to do. Do the things you want to do. To doing the hard stuff and the fun stuff. TO THE VALUES THAT STARTED THIS BLOG. And there you come full circle. Some things about how I rock out my system that I've developed over the last 15 years. I work to bring in a number of aspects about myself. I am creative and very Type A. I work to balance out the two with vision balance of colors. I have creative this planner at Plum Papers to help me with balance as well. It helps me to not overload a single day with too many todo items. Which I am notorious at. I like arts and crafts so I find pictures and save them on my phone. Each month I use "FreePrints.com" app on my phone to print out some pictures (old school) and tape those imagines and such that SYNC with WHO I AM into my planner. And tape on to my Mac. Vision ques and reminders that I am a rockstars and have epic shit to manifest. So keep at it. EVEN WHEN I DO NOT FEEL LIKE IT. All of this activity helps me to really Connect to my planner / manifest to hell out of things system Balance my life Only put things in there that I know feed into Manifestation In doing this activity every Sunday, I feel equipped and PROTECTED for the week to come. Because you know, sometimes life comes at your hard. If you have your planner/system in place, it's easier to stay the course. You put your tape and scissor action in there, thats part of you loving on your goals and dreams, which turns into magic sauce in staying committed to the activities, when you feel like you just can't or don't or wouldn't or really just want to say FUCK THIS.

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