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Ran(g) in 2015 with a BLASTING PR!

2015-new-yearWe had a SUPER FANTASTIC time ringing in the New Year with the most committed of Athletes! Because you needed to be either bat crap crazy or COMMITTED to "something" in order to get out. It was cold. 25 to be exact. While there was no wind, it was cold. And yeah-yeah I know, that's nothing compared to...say -15 at Estes or whatever. I guess I'm must kind of whimpy. :) The goal was to get to sub 2 this time. Been listening to my coach, Jeff at PRSFIT. Been committed to the training. Let me throw in that we are currently moving, so finding all the gear and what not was it's own challenge. We had a good excuse not to race. Heck. We had to get up early and drive to Wichita to get it done. Now that's DEDICATION. ;) I got to thinking though! Racing makes me feel strong. Finishing up a "round of training" with a race and getting a PR feels FORKIN' AWESOME (just saying) So we went. We were prepared instead of flying by the seat of our pants, what we usually do. Had all the clothes set out...blah blah blah. We even peed before race start. I got all my business done before. You all know what I'm talking about. hangover-marathonGoRun did a nice job laying out the race. Was great to see everyone. It was snowing and a bit icy on the roads. So that made it challenging. Couldn't really get into a nice rhythm to sink into. I battled with my goals and how I was feeling, and mostly won, for 10 miles. Then my right foot started screaming (time for new shoes). I generally started to belly ache, whine and bitch. Karla tried to pull me along. I probably had a touch of bad attitude but mostly I was spent. done. tank empty. So my pace dropped big time at the end. I was done. Like a cooked turkey. Truth Time: I'll tell you all something: I'm not all that great at cutting myself slack when the goal that I had sent out turns out to be unobtainable. There's a fine line between being too hard on yourself and not pushing yourself enough. Most days I'd like to think I land on the healthy side it. Today, had to get a good dose of reality check from Karla and my coach.

A PR is a PR!

Hope you had an AWESOME Day 1 of 2015!

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You DESERVE the BEST! Let’s make 2015 crazy awesome.

Hey SuperStar!

Check it out! 2014 has come to a close. And here we are, celebrating 2015. And you know what!? I'm crazy excited. I've got some big plans for myself. Can't wait to see how it all shakes out. I've been working on my dream board. Wishing. Dreaming. Having a blast. And I CAN NOT believe what a year 2014 was. When I slowed down a bit to take a ganger at the year. OMG! Have you done that? Have you stopped to think about all the things you accomplished? Is there a list of carry overs? Hey, that's ok. If you're like me...I set goals like I'm a hungry girl in the store. There is always too much in the end. But that's how I roll. I plan big, go for all I can think up. What ends up happening is always super crazy awesome. The left overs, I move to the next year. No biggie (And if you find that you have the same left overs year to year, well, that's something to think about, get help on)! I wanted to give you something to think about before you set your goals. What makes you CRAZY HAPPY!?!?! Write it down. The color blue. Birds eating out of the feeder on the porch. Good home cooked food. Sunsets. Facebook posts about friends having a blast. Pig vidoes. Warm kisses in the morning. Little boy hugs. Cuddling with the dog. WHAT MAKES YOU CRAZY HAPPY!?!?!? I challenge you ROCKSTARS out there to make a list of 50 to 100 things that makes you happy. Then work to set some goals. READ THIS: These goals work manifest much easier if they align with what makes you CRAZY HAPPY! I AM SENDING YOU ALL A BIG FAT HUG!!! You're the best!

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Yoga for Athletes – Side Plank

side-plankSide Plank is an excellent way for athletes to build strength

This is an excellent visual on the goings-on of side plank. For those that are interested, the yoga name is Vasisthasana.

I’ve recorded a video for you on the in’s and out’s of this wonderful pose.

[embed width="100%" height="auto"]http://youtu.be/oh9OPSajKYA?list=UUkWjAz3CajW_TF1W2fwMDSQ[/embed] [divider style="normal" top="20" bottom="20"]

Athletes check out the plethora of benefits:

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  • Great for developing/maintaining shoulder strength for the athletes. Or rehabbing an athletes injured shoulder. When done with proper instruction, the athletes can learn to activate and stabilize the shoulder girdle in a very strong and positive way. Working to external rotate as well as internally rotating the forearm which is on the mat, helps to “co-activates” the infraspinatus and teres minor (external rotation) and the subscapularis (internal rotation) muscles of your rotator cuff.
  • Good place to work to develop core strength, and to learn how to put the entire kinetic chain together. Foot to trap. By pressing the edge of your lower foot/side of the foot into the mat, and then gently draw it upwards towards the shin to "evert" the foot activates a series of muscles-including the "lateral subsystem", which connects yours shoulders and legs to your core. When you press the side of your foot into the mat, you activate the peroneus muscles as well as the abductor muscles up at your hip (the TFL and gluteus medius). These muscles have a fascial connection to your abs, specifically the external oblique (which attaches to the rim of the pelvis). The external oblique connects to your shoulders via the serratus anterior muscle. The serratus anterior is a scapular stabilizer that works in concert with the rotator cuff. So the whole operation helps to integrate your feet, legs, pelvis and lumbar--all the way up to the shoulders.
  • Will slim down the athletes waist. :)
  • Can give the wrists a much needed rest if you are an athlete new to yoga.
  • Can help athletes to identify imbalances in the core/shoulders one side to the next. And also provides you with the pose to work on to even things out. This will benefit the athlete in a really big way in the pool especially, but in general as well.
[/tie_list] Thanks for the picture, Daily Bandha.

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What a CYCLIST would say to a MOTORIST

It could be tragic. The pace of our lives. The results. How many of you have... 1. Texted while driving? 2. As a result of not paying attention, swerved across a line? 3. Reached down and took your eyes off the road? 4. Took a phone call, wasn't really paying attention? 5. Looked back at your kids and swerved a bit? It's EASY to do. The price might be CRAZY HIGH. Just something to think about.  Please WATCH and SHARE! [embed width="100%" height="auto"]http://www.youtube.com/embed/Euu2QRIuEPk[/embed]

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Workout recovery with walnuts

Walnuts help you recover from intense workouts!

We all know that working out (intensely) can be very stressful.  And while working out is a good "stressor", we still need to be mindful of helping the body to recover.  When we are speaking of foods to help us recover, we are talking about providing the body with macro nutrients (calories, fats, proteins, etc) AND MIRCO NUTRIENTS (vitamins a, b, c .... etc).  These micro nutrients are crazy important.  For this article we are focusing on antioxidants. All forms of stress increase production of free radicals, a metabolic by-product of the body from utilizing fuel to create energy.  These charged atomic particles bounce around your system causing little sparks of damage.  Antioxidants neutralize these micro invaders.

Nutrition Journal - January 2014, has shown that consuming walnuts is an effective way of reducing this oxidative stress.

Walnuts contain nutrients that help reduce the stress caused by intense workouts.  This means that you will be able to recovery faster, leading to faster repair of lean muscle.  Feeding your body in this way allows you to safely trainer harder and more frequently. Walnuts are slower to digest.  My suggestion is to eat 1 to 2 ounces at night.  In addition to being very high in antioxidants, they are stellar for the brain, have beneficial fats and are a nice CLEAN source of protein.

Want to LEARN more about CLEAN EATING?!?!?
Join our 21 Day Online Challenge.  We begin Sept 24th!!!

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6 Simple Exercises for a Strong Core

One way to develop an eye-catching mid-section, strengthen your core and back regions is to incorporate abdominal exercises that work all areas. These exercises develop your core and tighten the tummy, which is designed as a stand-alone workout or add to your circuit training workouts. I also love to do these exercises as part of my 3 and 11-day detox programs alternating with yoga or gentle walk in order to flush out the toxins and keep me moving. jack-knifeThe first exercise is what I refer to as the Jack Knife sit-up. Lay on your back. Hands and feet meet in the center. Slowly extend arms and legs away from center of body. Don't touch floor with arms or feet. Hold and bring back to center. Do these for 1 minute. Try to do 25-30 reps. If you are a beginner, bend the knees and bring them up to midline and back down.     core-abdominal-and-lower-back-exercises-1Leg extension with a workout bar is to use a bar and hold the bar in front of you and just lower the legs while keeping the hands and workout bar in place overhead at waist level. Drop legs 6” from floor, hold then bring back up to the bar. If you don’t have a bar, place hands under lower back and lower legs to floor, approximately 6” from the floor and back up to mid-line. Do each exercise for 1 minute/rest for 1 minute. core-abdominal-and-lower-back-exercises-2Now take the same bar and alternate it from side to side in order to work the oblique. If you are a beginner, stop when you need to rest and then continue to complete as many reps as you can in 1 minute.       bike12Another great abdominal exercise you can do if you don't have a bar is to simply do the Classic Scissor Crunch. Lay on floor, hands on head not behind head, so you can avoid pulling the neck and alternate legs to elbow. Right elbow to left knee and reverse, count that as 1 rep. What I refer to as a double count. Do for 1 minute. 25-30 reps. plank1The next exercise is great for your whole core, The Classic Plank. When done with the scissor crunch, flip over on your mat, place hands under shoulders, lift lower body in straight line, flat back and hold for 1 minute. situpsThe last one is the Classic Crunch. Lay down on your mat, knees bent, hands on head so you don't pull the neck, lift ½ way and back down, repeat. Complete as many as you can in 1 minute. Complete all exercises, each one for 1 minute/1 minute rest between exercises. When you are done with all exercises, you will have completed one (1) circuit. Rest after each circuit for 2-4 minutes. Repeat circuit 2 more times up to 5. Complete 2-3 times a week and you on your way to an eye-catching mid-section, while strengthening your core and lower back region.

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Is there “healthy triathlon competition” in “healthy marriage”? A little race report.

It's official.  He is faster than me! At least at the mini sprint in a pool. I've been doing triathlon for two years. My husband started a couple of months ago. I thought I had more time to be faster than him.  NOPE. I guess the lesson is some of us are FAST. And some of us are NOT. Another lesson? I might be a bit too competitive. Because here are my thoughts ... As you can see on the times, the only place I'm faster is in transition.  So NO.  I'm not going to purchase tri shorts so he's faster.  I'm not going to purchase him yanks, so he's faster.  I'm not going to race in the same swim lane with him because I might be tempted to kick him, slow him down a bit. HA!

He is officially on his own!

My race report. I'd like to throw out that in my heat was...a fast rabbit, a gazelle and two other really fast go getters. SWIM: I didn't have much anxiety in the pool. Funny how pool swimming makes me more anxious than open water swimming. I think perhaps because I LOVE nature. I wasn't any faster than usual. That sort of irritated me. But heck, I have swam 4 times since my Ironman. hahaha, silly lesson on unrealistic expectations. BIKE: I need stronger legs. Though I can certainly go faster on my bike. Cybex bikes sux. RUN: Good run. Nice fast pace for me, 8:40 ish. Pain free. No throw up. It's no fun running all by yourself because everyone else is already done. HA! BOOM! Next race, getting sub 50 if it kills me.

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