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3 Tips on Feeding Your Dog Healthier

3-tips-for-a-healthier-dogWhat you feed your dog is SUPER important for how she feels and how long they live.

I love dogs. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I’ve always the rotties, pits and boxers. THE FUN DOGS! Two years ago I lost my precious girl boxer dog, Lexi, to cancer. I researched the breeder. I drove a long time to pick her out and visit her. I worked hard and took really good care of her. I still lost her to cancer too early.

After doing a lot of research in the later stages of the game for her and connecting with a really good vet, I found that what you feed your dog has a HUGE IMPACT in how they feel, the diseases that they get and how to prevent that. Just like with humans.

It’s my mission to help spread the word for our dogs. We want them to live a JUICY, FULL life and pass away well.

Here are three things that you need to know.  And changes you can make TODAY without a lot of effort.

GRAINS in dog food are highly inflammatory

Ask yourself, “what does healthy look like for me?” Keeping that vision in your mind is an excellent way to move forward. You can even create a mini vision board with images of what healthy looks like for you. Try to imagine and experience what it will feel like to ACHIEVE IT. Identifying and connecting with your goals emotionally is a powerful way to rock it out.

Just like us, they need more nutrients

We are beginning to believe that humans eating out of a box is unhealthy for a lot of reasons, but this point is that there is a lack of nutrients in the food.   And one BIG reason for that is because of the amount of processing involved in making the “food”.

Just the sheer amount of “messing around with it”, cooking, heating, grinding, squeezing, etc, ZAPS out all of the nutrients.

Think about this thought, for the dog and yourself. The dog in nature would have killed and eaten something fresh, which that animal would have eaten fresh stuff too. So the nutritional value would have been EXCEEDINGLY HIGHER than in a bag of dried up dog food that can (and probably has been) sitting on the shelf for…

Brands that I like: Blue, a fish flavor without grains. Call of the Wild is good too.


What you are feeding your dog, regardless if you are adding stew or not, the dog food needs to be WET! Soupy!

Dog food kibble is dehydrating to the dogs dry.

They must add their own fluids in the belly in order to digest it. Just like us. You add milk into your cereal to eat it.

So, this step is the EASIEST that you can do. TODAY (so do it!!!). Though if your dog is like mine, it gets a big messier.

I will be emailing out more information on how to REVAMP your dog’s nutrition.  Get signed up below if you want more info!


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