Train Smart Do Yoga Eat Clean Feel Awesome

As your 500RYT yoga teacher, certified health coach and triathlon coach, I am here to help you achieve...

  • ROCK OUT your athletic GOALS
  • Running, Sprint to Ironman Training
  • Endless Energy
  • DROP that nagging weight
  • Look GREAT in those skinny jeans (or race kit)
  • Sleep like a baby!
  • Get CONTROL of those hormones
  • Restructure the body, back to more BALANCE

My approach to health and wellness is as unique as you are. When you partner with me, you will receive step by step guidance to help you learn about wellness, discover where you are today and map out where you want to go. We will work together to develop a wellness plan that WORKS FOR YOU!!


  • Got a BIG GOAL that you need help chewing on
  • Can’t quite manage to get those pounds off
  • Want to move to the next level in training
  • Frustrated with feeling tired
  • Bloating got you down
  • Are you battling food allergies
  • Is the dieting just not working for you
  • Need help nutritionally with your training
  • Do you have ACHES and PAINS from your training you’d like help with
  • Want to learn Yoga

Let me teach you how to reboot your body, get your metabolism kicked up a notch, perhaps discover foods that don’t work for you. I can help you ditch the bloating and feeling tired.

Does that sounds super? Then you are in the right place!

If you want to learn how to eat better, live a more balanced life, feel stronger and more energetic, I’ve got a program that you will love! I can teach you simple lifestyle changes that will step-by-step work for you to reach your Fabulously Awesome Self!

“I was so excited to find out during my time with Bonnie the reason that I constantly munch on comfort food in the evenings! Now that I know that my body is just trying to have some “me time”, I can find other ways to fulfill that need and not put on the extra pounds that I really don’t want!!! If I make conscious decisions to take care of my body during the busy work day, I won’t feel the need to make up for that neglect at night! My AHA moment! Now I’m ready to put that knowledge to work!” ~Toyia B
“To say I’m a yoga novice is giving me too much credit. I avoided it because it took away days I could be running. Now that I’ve incorporated it as a more regular part of my program, I finally get it. I just feel better after a yoga session, and I haven’t lost a step on my running. Bonnie gears yoga to runners, and you don’t have to be a yoga pro to feel huge benefits. Her engineering background comes through as she explains how to do the poses and what those poses are actually doing for you. If you don’t get something, just ask her and you’ll be amazed at the feedback you’ll get. If you’re a doubter, do yourself a favor and check out Coach Bonnie’s yoga workouts. You won’t regret it.” ~Nathan Rau